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Is Latest Hot Deals free to use?

Absolutely, it is free to use. LHD will never charge you a single penny!

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Are my details kept private?

100%, we take privacy very seriously, your personal details will never be shared with anyone or sold to any other person or company.

How do you find freebies in the UK

We have a dedicated team that spend most of their day hunting for latest free stuff. Due to our freebies being so popular, we also get brands or companies contact us to share their exclusive freebies. We have a community of members who also share freebies they find.

Why do brands/companies give away freebies

Giving away free stuff is one of the best ways for a company to advertise it's brand. It helps them collect feedback on their product once reviewed by users. Giving away free samples and freebies also increases brand awareness and gets people talking about the brand so it's one of the best marketing methods used by brands/companies to promote themselves.

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